It is located near three countries: France, Belgium, and Luxembourg. The Most Dangerous Cities in Mexico & Their Similarities, The Most Unusual Scam Methods Used in Brazil in 2023, The 5 Fastest Growing Cities in Europe and Odd Similarities (2023), Is Pasadena (CA) Safe? Still, Frankfurt, the German financial capital, is relatively dangerous when compared to other cities in Germany. Hannu Niemi. The city has some of the worst health statistics in the UK; life expectancy is lower than the national average and rates of heart disease, diabetes and stroke are higher than elsewhere. This neighborhood is known for its narrow streets and canal houses but it has become rather unsafe over the years due to drug trafficking and prostitution activities taking place there. More information about these indices. Worst indicator of the city: Crime Index Score (56.2). offenders to suggest how the English penal system could become more efficient. Worst indicator of the city: Crime rate, where Glasgow had 1600 crimes per 100 thousand residents, according to the Institute for Economics and Peace. Political turmoil and unrest never make for a stable environment. When people ask why I left Brazil, a warm country full of natural wonders, and moved to a cold place somewhere between central and eastern Europe, there is only one answer that raises no doubts: I say that at the very beginning of this article to answer a possible criticism: none of these cities are really that violent when you compare them to the average city in South Africa, Mexico, Colombia, or Brazil (even relatively safe cities in Mexico, like Guadalajara, are more dangerous than the cities on this list). Worst indicator of the city: General crime. [17] This false number rises from the Small Arms Survey, which claimed in 2007 that there would be 800 000 unregistered guns in addition to the registered ones. Furthermore, there are great asymmetries between nationalities of rapists. Clicking on the following button will update the content below. [CDATA[// >bowling green, ky police arrests, burp suite advantages and disadvantages,